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Once upon a time, in the south of Spain…..

July 23, 2019 1 min read

Once upon a time, in the south of Spain…..

First things first. How in the hell is that word pronounced?
It’s a long story, you can say however you want but we are going to
go with "so-dar"

And what is Xodar, you ask?
It's the award-winning flagship of our niche, single-origin extra
virgin olive oil company that is produced in the town called Jodar, a
small town in the south Spain (Yee-haw), anciently spelled "Xodar".

But if you want the whole story...
Let me tell it to you straight. Beyond making that money, why do we

By supporting Xodar, you are directly contributing to the local people
and positively impacting the environment.

The proceeds of our Kickstarter campaign we are launching August 15, 2019 will also go to help the volunteer-run animal shelter my family started in 2008 with our bare hands (literally).

Why Kickstarter?
We believe in a grassroots movement that keeps our high-quality
olive oil in the community--no investors.

El Tito for Olive Oil Prodict

Look out for our upcoming launch email. But in the meantime...



Founder of Xodar

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